Opening November 2016

With a lead gift of $2,000,000 in hand from GO BEYOND chairman Dean Jacobson ’68, the vision of a new ice hockey arena is underway. The new facility will include a sunken ice surface for improved viewing angles, a heated spectator room, bleachers, spacious varsity locker rooms, and offices for the coaches. With construction costs rising year after year, a repair bill to the current Lindsay Arena looming in excess of $1 million, and an accelerated fundraising effort which pushed the early commitments to $3.5 million, the board felt confident in the timing. The $7.5 million project is scheduled to finish in advance of the 2016-2017 hockey season.

To make room for the rink’s re-orientation (it will run parallel to Dr. Childs Road) Dow House will come off-line. This summer, Moore House will be expanded and improved creating a net increase in student rooms. With Jacobson Arena, the School stamps a landmark building on the north side of campus to complement the addition of Pilalas Center for Math and Science and the restored Meservey Hall to Main Street, and the O’Connor House to the West Village.

New Hampton School has a long tradition of hockey excellence. As the School continues to attract strong student-athletes nationally and globally, there is a need for state-of-the-art facilities. The men's and women's hockey programs are flourishing due to the energy and leadership of program leaders. The new fully enclosed hockey arena will provide a location for team-building and the type of instruction that will allow New Hampton School athletes to grow as players and teammates.

Husky hockey has no peer. Our players play for the love of the game. They are selfless and committed to the sport — to playing hard and practicing harder.
— Jamie Arsenault, Director of Athletics at NHS