We're building on tradition.


New Hampton School has always been known for its gritty ice hockey style. We played outside, in the elements on the hardest ice in New England. We played for the love of the game. All in. No holds barred. This is prep school hockey at its best.
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Arena Committee

Joe Ardagna '80
Mark Ardagna '79, P'18
Greg Carter '88
Craig Churchill, Women's V Hockey Coach
Mandy Cronin '98, Co-Chair
Cody DuBuc '05
TJ Fitzgerald '58

Kelly Hayes '85
Skip Howard, Former Coach
Dean Jacobson '68, Trustee, Co-Chair
Casey Kesselring, Varsity Men's Coach
Mark Leach '80, P'16, '19
Mike Levine '00
Jessica MacLeod '02

Joe Marsh, Former Coach
Jeff Marshall '78
Steve McLelland '80, P'14
John Miller '82, P'19
Robinson Moore '73, Trustee
Dan Phillips '86
Mark Toof '88